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Books are different to most other products- they have their own special barcode called an ISBN barcode, which is based on the ISBN number assigned to that book. If you want a barcode for your book, we can create a barcode image for you based off of your ISBN number. You must already have an ISBN for us to make the barcode, we cannot provide you with an ISBN. If you do not yet have an ISBN number, you can get one from the Australian ISBN Agency.

ISSN book barcodes

If you have your ISBN and are ready for us to generate you a book barcode, visit our ISBN Barcode Page or purchase below.

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Common Book Barcode Questions

An ISBN number is a unique 13 digit number that is assigned to books. Online book sellers and physical book stores in Australia and worldwide use ISBNs to track the sales and price of each book.

We cannot issue ISBN numbers, however the number by itself is not enough for your product to be eligible to appear in retail stores around Australia. You will also need an ISBN image (the black bars of the barcode), as this encodes the ISBN and allows your book to be scanned at checkouts which is essential for modern retail operations. You give us your ISBN number and we use our barcoding expertise to generate you an image for that number in 4 different formats, all emailed to you right away. You just need to incorporate the barcode and image into your back cover art before it’s printed.

Authors often ask us if we need details about their book, such as price or other attributes. There is a common misconception that product information is encoded in the barcode, however this is not the case. We don’t need any information from you except your ISBN number- all product details will be assigned to your book by each retailer as they receive it for the first time.