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If you have an ISBN number for your book, you can purchase the barcode images for your number below. If you do not yet have an ISBN number, you can get one from the Australian ISBN Agency.

Note: Crossword books, colouring-in books, diaries do not use ISBNs as they are not published by an author. Instead they use standard retail barcodes (EAN-13 barcodes) which can be purchased on our retail barcodes page.

You will be asked to enter your ISBN number into the order form at the checkout page.

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An ISBN is 13 digit unique identifier number assigned to books and other print, electronic, or multimedia publications. It is used for printed books and pamphlets containing more than four pages of text, maps, e-books, pdfs, Braille publications and audio books.

An ISBN barcode is a barcode image (the black bars) which encodes a specific ISBN number. ISBN numbers are only ever issued once, so shops use this number to keep track of price, inventory and other attributes of each book they stock (attributes like book title wouldn’t work here because two books can have the same title). The black bars encode the unique ISBN number and allow it to be read by a handheld scanner at the checkout, which is much more accurate than the cashier inputting the numbers manually.

Each country has its own designated organisation that controls the distribution of ISBNs. In Australia you can get an ISBN number from the Australian ISBN Agency.

You will need a different barcode number and image for each separate publication, including different formats of the same book. For example, if you were publishing a paperback and an eBook you would need a different number for each.

Excellent and thanks for the fine service!!! Kind regards

Jan D

thanks heaps! its now on the back cover of the book. I really appreciated your very fast service, this means the book can do to the printer on monday morning


Thank you so much for sorting out my barcode so speedily, I used you two years ago when I published my first book, and I’ve used you once again for the second book – and again received excellent service. If you would like to use that endorsement, then please feel free!