About Our Barcodes

How Many Barcodes?

Essentially, each unique product (SKU) requires one barcode. You then print that barcode on the product variation forever. Please see the diagram below.

diagram to work out how many barcodes you need

What We Need

Another common question is what information we need from you- many first time barcode purchasers think the barcode will contain their product information such as price and other details. This is not the case, barcodes are just a 13 digit number and the black bars encode that number. All data is assigned to the barcode by the retailer when they first receive your product (see below). The only information we need is which email address to deliver to.

Which Barcodes to Buy?

There are so many barcode variants and formats that it can be overwhelming to first time buyers. Luckily we are here to help you pick the correct barcode to suit your needs. The most commonly used code in Australia is the EAN-13, which is an international retail barcode. For food, wine, sporting equipment, makeup and other retails products that are sold over the counter or online, the EAN-13 is probably the right barcode. If you are after something more specialised like a carton barcode or book barcode (ISBN), check out our Types of Barcodes page for more detailed information.