Barcodes for Clothing

Clothing Barcodes for Australia

If you are selling clothing in Australia retail stores or online marketplaces, you will probably be asked to provide barcodes along with your products. These barcodes help retailers track the stock for different sizes/colours/etc so they can reorder what they need when they need it, and also make it easy to pull up the price at the checkout. Clothing uses the EAN-13 retail barcode, which you can buy below. Remember that each different colour and size requires a different barcodes- see the image below.

diagram to work out how many barcodes you need

Because clothing manufacturers tend to have lots of different sizes and colours, they use a large amount of barcodes. We have really good deals on 100 and 1,000 barcode packages, and it is usually more economical for you to buy in bulk now and then use your barcodes as new products come out. Just make sure you keep careful watch on which barcodes have been used!

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Quantity   Price per Barcode
1$ 59
2$ 54 each
3-4$ 51 each
5 +$ 49 each
10 +$ 39 each
15 +$ 34 each
20 +$ 30 each
30 +$ 25 each
40 +$ 21 each
50 +$ 15 each
75 +$ 11 each
100 +$ 9 each NOW ONLY $8.25 each
500 +$ 2.50 each
1000 +$ 1.50 each

Barcode Tip

Make sure you have your barcodes sorted before your swing tags are printed- getting your barcode printed directly onto the tag is much cheaper than printing your tags and realising you have to add barcodes later. If you have printed your tags already without the barcode integrated, we can sell you Sticky Barcode Labels to get your products into shops as fast as possible.

swing tag with barcode