Barcodes for Home Made Products

Homemade Product Barcodes for Australia

If you are making your own products you wish to sell in Australia or abroad, you may be wondering whether you need barcodes. Below you can buy EAN-13 retail barcodes which are suitable for almost all homemade products, and also read some of our top tips.

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Barcoding Tips for Home Made Products

There’s nothing worse than designing the perfect label or box layout, only to realise you have to redo it because you forgot to put in the barcode image. Make sure your barcode is in an easily scannable place before you start printing your packaging- for more information, see our page detailing How to Use Your Barcode. If you already printed your packaging, we can make Sticky Barcode Labels and send them to you.

You can’t just resize, stretch and refit your barcode at will. Follow our Barcode Dimension and Positioning rules to make sure your products aren’t rejected by retailers for having unreliable barcodes.

There are some shady barcode sellers on the internet who sell made up numbers to unsuspecting entrepreneurs. If you are on a website with obscenely low prices, little contact information or numbers claiming to begin with anything other than 07- beware! There is a good chance that site is selling illegitimate or stolen barcodes, or even making up numbers.