Barcodes for Cosmetics and Skincare

Barcodes for make-up & skincare products in Australia

Skincare products in Australia usually use EAN-13 retail barcodes. You will need one barcode for each unique product you sell. This means every different colour, size or other variation will require its own barcode.

For example:

Single eyeshadow pans sold in 5 different colours would need a barcode each- so 5 barcodes would be required.

If each eyeshadow pan came in two size options (0.5g and 1g) – 10 barcodes would be required 5 x 2 = 10 (5 eyeshadow colours x 2 size options for each colour).

If you also sold the eyeshadow colours in a combined palette you would need another barcode.

Each product variation needs it’s own barcode.

You can buy EAN-13 barcodes below.

makeup in store

Makeup companies often require lots of barcodes due to makeup coming in so many sizes and colours for similar products. We recommend buying in bulk as it’s much cheaper for you and you can always save barcodes for later when new products are released.

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Makeup Barcoding Tips

One of the most common issues our makeup clients encounter is getting the size of the barcode correct. Many makeup products are very small, and there isn’t much room to fit in the barcode. It’s important that you follow our EAN-13 sizing specifications, because if you barcode is too small to reliably scan retailers may reject your product.

Another common problem for makeup companies that use our barcodes is keeping track of which code is assigned to which product. We don’t keep any of your product information, so if you don’t keep track of the codes you have used and the products you used them on, there’s nothing we can do to help. Make sure you keep an up to date spreadsheet that shows whether you have already used each barcode, to prevent a nightmare where the same code is used twice.