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Australia Sporting Equipment Barcodes

If you are selling sporting equipment such as balls, bats/racquets, sportswear or helmets then you will want EAN-13 retail barcodes. These barcodes are used in major chains across Australia and worldwide like The Warehouse, Torpedo7, Stirling Sports or ecommerce stores. Rebel Sports is the only chain that may have problems with our barcodes – we have many customers in their shops using our codes, but in some cases they insist that suppliers join GS1. We suggest checking with them before purchasing our barcodes for sporting equipment if you intend on being stocked there.

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Barcode Tip

A popular supplemental barcode that can add value to your sporting goods is a QR Code. These are increasingly being adopted by major sporting companies like Nike and Reebok for a variety of functions, such as linking to social media, product details and even custom music playlists. Adding a QR code to your product is a cheap and effective way of increasing the value of your product and brand, and we can even design a Custom QR Code for you to keep your packaging looking great.

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